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The Ultimate Hamptons Boat Day: How to Plan the Perfect Hamptons Boat Cruise

From guided boat tours to a luxurious sunset cruise, explore the Hamptons by planning an epic day on the water.

From guided boat tours to a luxurious sunset cruise, explore the Hamptons by planning an epic day on the water.  

Whether you're cruising around Sag Harbor, Southampton, Hampton Bays, or other pockets of the beautiful Long Island waters, here are some activities to consider when planning your Hamptons boat trip. 


1. Get adventurous: Level-up your Hamptons boat cruise with water toys and activities

Yacht Hampton is your go to source for all things water toys and water sports!

Water sports

From seabobs to jet skis, enhance your Hamptons boat ride with motorized water sports. Yacht Hampton’s certified captain and water toy trainer will meet you in Sag Harbor and instruct you on how to use anything you choose, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

  • Hydrofoil hoverboard. Take a spin on the electric Fliteboard™ eFoil, and you’ll feel like you’re flying. It’s safe, kid-friendly, and easy to learn in an hour or less. If you’re feeling less adventurous, simply lay or kneel on the board and go just as fast. 
  • Electric surfboard. Fun and powerful, this electric surfboard is easy to use. Lay, kneel, and then learn to stand on the board, controlling your speed up to 30 MPH.
  • Jet skiing. Our brand new 2020 Sea-Doo SPARK offers the perfect adrenaline rush and goes up to 40 MPH. While jet skis offer fun for the whole family, keep in mind that younger riders will need to get certified by completing a New York Safety Boat Course.
  • Tubing. Hold onto the tube while being towed by a tender, jet ski, or water sports boat, and see who lasts the longest. Give your captain hand signals when you want to slow down or speed up, and ride the waves on a tube — your whole party will love it. Looking for more? Try our new Banana Boat as well.
  • Tender. Available with select charters, enjoy anything from tubing to a relaxing cruise on our various tenders. 
  • Waterskiing. You can’t go wrong with water skiing. One of the original tow sports, it’s one of the most popular boating activities for all ages and skill levels.
  • Wakeboarding. Whether you’re teaching your kids or hanging out with your friends, wakeboarding is always a good time — and the calm Hamptons waters offer the perfect setting.
  • Seabob. Cruise on top of the water or dive below with this motorized water scooter. Plus, film the experience with our built-in video camera.

Adventure experiences and fishing boat tours

Head out and explore the water around Sag Harbor. A highlight of any Hamptons boat cruise is getting to do some adventure activities while you're sailing around Long Island. 

  • Snorkeling. Complimentary with all of our Yacht Hampton boat tours, use our masks, snorkels, and flippers to look for different fish and sea life. Snorkeling is probably the first thing you think of when you think of boat rides — and it's a crowd favorite for a reason.
  • Paddle boards. Included with every Yacht Hampton yacht charter, paddle boards are a fun and scenic way to get some exercise. Feeling tired? Sit or kneel as you float around on the bay.
  • Fishing. If your charter has fishing capabilities, turn your luxury cruise into a fun-filled fishing trip — you might even be surprised at what you catch.
  • Hookah underwater diving. Go a step deeper than snorkeling with our hookah diving system. Explore up to 10 feet below the surface, and see even more sea life. 
  • Drones and GoPros. Share your day on the water with friends and family with a custom-made video. We’ll combine drone, GoPro, and seabob footage (if reserved) of your time aboard, and create a personalized video set to the song of your choice.

    Complimentary Yacht Hampton relaxation accessories

All charters come with a complimentary sunchill floating lily pad!

Not looking for an adventure, and just want to chill during your day aboard? All of our boat tours include relaxation accessories that'll help you wind down when you want to take a break from cruising or watch the sunset from the water.

  • Floating island. Most of our Sag Harbor cruises include either a floating mat or a large floating island for up to eight guests — simply hop off the boat and then sit back and relax.
  • Life jackets. Safety is our priority on every trip, and all of our boats come equipped with adult, children, and infant life jackets. Contact your captain and let them know if your party includes more than one infant, and we'll make sure we have enough on board. The best part? Life jackets make pretty comfy floats. 
  • Noodles. Included with every charter, all of our boats come with noodles. Lounge on a noodle and let your worries float away. 

2. Dine with a view: Elevate your day trip or sunset cruise with a visit to a waterfront dining destination


Kick your afternoon or sunset cruise up a notch with a beautiful beachfront meal. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious or low-key, the Hamptons offers plenty of waterfront dining options where you can take a break from sailing and dock your boat. Here are a few of our favorites, all located on the picturesque Shelter Island.

Yacht Hampton is your premier choice for waterfront dining at spots like sunset beach

  • Sunset Beach. This beachfront destination is an easy boat ride from Sag Harbor, and it's loved by locals and tourists alike. It’s home to one of the most popular Hamptons hotels, and it features multiple bars and an upstairs dining deck with stunning views of Shelter Island’s Crescent Beach. Enjoy Sunset Beach's colorful cocktails, local oysters, and freshly caught fish. Whether you’re popping in for a light lunch, an extravagant dinner to complete your sunset cruise, or anything in between, Sunset Beach will offer something for everyone.

Charter a boat to Salt on Shelter Island

  • SALT. One of our all-time favorite spots to visit on charters, SALT is a casual waterfront escape with a menu that includes a little bit of everything — from Thai calamari to Hawaiian poke bowls. Sip frozen drinks on the beautiful West Neck Creek, and enjoy live music at the famous Shipwreck Bar. Whether you’re in the mood for the raw bar or the lobster mac, SALT is sure to hit the spot — day or night. 

Take a boat or yacht to the rams head inn in shelter island

  • Ram’s Head Inn. Sail your boat over to the Ram’s Head Inn hotel and restaurant, and find yourself transported back in time. Situated on 4.5 sprawling acres, this old-world inspired dining destination offers farm- and sea-to-table dining with a range of different seating areas and vistas.

Want to find somewhere local to Sag Harbor or cruise to Montauk or Greenport instead? Explore more waterfront dining options and recommendations here.


3. Sip and snack aboard: Order on-board catering through our concierge service


Of course, your boat is a waterfront dining destination on its own. If you’re interested in pre-ordering catered food for one of your day trips or sunset cruises, check out the Yacht Hampton Specialty Food Service. Select everything from caviar and beef tenderloin to chips and sandwiches, and enjoy stress-free service while it’s packaged, chilled, and hand-delivered to your captain prior to your boat departure from Sag Harbor. Best of all, enjoy it while giving back: 100% of the catering profits go directly to Cocoon Project, Inc., a newly founded nonprofit furnishing homes for survivors of domestic violence.


4. Sail from day to night: Plan an overnight excursion on your Hamptons boat


When you’re aboard a boat on the Hamptons waters, the world is your oyster. Book more than just a day on the water and opt for an overnight getaway. Yacht Hampton charters go anywhere from Nantucket to NYC and a ton of places in between. Each of our charters includes a different number of sleeping cabins, so be sure to choose a boat that will be comfortable for your whole party. Here are some of our favorite overnight charter destinations.

Take a Yacht Hampton charter to Block Island

  • Block Island. Located south of mainland Rhode Island, this beachy getaway offers a fun, family-friendly environment and laid-back feel. Choose from plenty of seafood restaurants and beachfront bars, and enjoy day tours of their many souvenir shops and antique stores.

Book a Yacht Hampton charter to Fishers Island

  • Fishers Island. This quiet island boasts a small community and private feel. It’s situated right at the eastern entrance of the Long Island Sound, and it’s just two miles off the coast of Connecticut. Golfing is the top attraction on Fishers Island, making it a great destination for anyone looking to spend a day hitting the links.

Book a Yacht Hampton charter to Martha's Vineyard

  • Martha’s Vineyard. Martha's Vineyard sits south of Cape Cod, and is well-known as an affluent summer beach community. Undeniably beautiful, it includes six uniquely charming towns, making it the perfect place to explore on a tour boat over the course of a few days.

Whether you set sail from Sag Harbor or a different Yacht Hampton outpost, we'll work with your captain to ensure we provide the overnight getaway you've always dreamed of. View other popular overnight destinations and charters here.


5. Book a secret boat tour: Explore hidden Hamptons coves with Yacht Hampton


From private beaches to forts and historical sites around Sag Harbor, the Hamptons waters offer plenty of secrets to uncover. Ask your boat captain about the different coves they recommend visiting, and drop your anchor for an hour or two while you swim around and explore. Whether you’re looking for solitary peace and quiet or a party scene filled with dozens of boats, your captain will help you plan a boat tour that offers just what you’re looking for during your day on the water. 


Get in touch with Yacht Hampton to plan the ultimate boat day, and inquire about any of the activities listed above. Contact us to book a charter by phone or email, or simply stop by during the day. We're located at the end of Sag Harbor's village Main Street, and our door is always open. 

Have a special event like a Hamptons bachelorette party coming up, or looking to do something else during your day on the water? We’d be happy to help.

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